Episode 49: Just in time for Christmas…The Halloween Episode

Just in time for Christmas, our Halloween episode, recorded around Thanksgiving.


Episode 48: Doctor Dorrie

In this medical-themed episode of the Tangent Lounge, Dorrie and Gary discuss C-pap machines, anemia, weight loss and gonorrhea.


Episode 47: Safety Girl

Dorrie and Gary go off on tangents galore in this supersized 45 minute episode in honor of the long holiday weekend.


Episode 46: Well is not spelled with a “P”

Podcasting from Lebanon, Oregon this time, Dorrie talks about cheating on Gary with Michael, other podcasts they like, kayaking the Willamette River and more.


Episode 45: Perfectly Normal

Gary and Dorrie talk about work stuff, aqua jogging, Dorrie's crush on Alan Alda, practical jokes and more.


Episode 44: Welcome Special Guest Suzan Meier

Dorrie recaps her adventures with diverticulitis and Dorrie and EG interview one of Dorrie-Just-Dorrie's Friends who is waaaaay more successful than she is. Our guest today is the very talented Suzan Meier of MavenCraft, INC: the fashion and costume designer whose work you've seen and didn't even know it.


Episode 43: Tiny Thumbs

The tangent trifecta continues...download Episode 43 to learn all about the fine art of condom snorting. 


Episode 42: Cults

The cliffhanger episode, continued from Episode 41. Dorrie and Gary discuss the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and related cults.


Episode 41: Snowflakes

Gary and Dorrie discuss God and Hamburger Helper, changing communication norms and end with a cliff hanger.


Episode 40: This, that and the other

Dorrie and Gary commiserate with each other over life's little ups and downs.

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