Episode 46: Well is not spelled with a “P”

Podcasting from Lebanon, Oregon this time, Dorrie talks about cheating on Gary with Michael, other podcasts they like, kayaking the Willamette River and more.


Episode 45: Perfectly Normal

Gary and Dorrie talk about work stuff, aqua jogging, Dorrie's crush on Alan Alda, practical jokes and more.


Episode 44: Welcome Special Guest Suzan Meier

Dorrie recaps her adventures with diverticulitis and Dorrie and EG interview one of Dorrie-Just-Dorrie's Friends who is waaaaay more successful than she is. Our guest today is the very talented Suzan Meier of MavenCraft, INC: the fashion and costume designer whose work you've seen and didn't even know it.


Episode 43: Tiny Thumbs

The tangent trifecta continues...download Episode 43 to learn all about the fine art of condom snorting. 


Episode 42: Cults

The cliffhanger episode, continued from Episode 41. Dorrie and Gary discuss the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and related cults.


Episode 41: Snowflakes

Gary and Dorrie discuss God and Hamburger Helper, changing communication norms and end with a cliff hanger.


Episode 40: This, that and the other

Dorrie and Gary commiserate with each other over life's little ups and downs.


Episode 39: What if…no…OK

Gary and Dorrie talk entertainment and solving the world's problems.


Episode 38: Travelin’ Too

Dorrie shares what it's like to fly first class and Gary recounts tales of his and Mrs. E's trip to Key West, home of Hemingway's six-toed cats.


Episode 37: Special Guest Kevin Gootee

In a very special episode of The Tangent Lounge Dorrie and Gary get to spend an evening with creator of the Amazon show, Comics Watching Comics, then Gary has some hot freezer talk!

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