Episode 59: Car Talk

Dorrie, Gary and Chad discuss the 1973 cult classic Godmonster of Indian Flats and vintage cars in this supersized episode.


Episode 58: The One Where Dorrie Floats

Dorrie gives floating a try and recaps her experience with Electric Gary.


Episode 57: Hey, where you been?

It's been a minute. Or two. But we're vaccinated and we're back! Dorrie and Electric Gary discuss events of the past year, pinball and floating.


Episode 56: Plague Edition

In this supersized 56th episode, Electric Gary and Dorrie-Just-Dorrie discussĀ  Zoombombing, pandemic life, and prepping for the big earthquake, with hopes it won't be now.


Episode 55: Pre-Pandemic Blast from the Past

In a blast from the pre-pandemic past, Dorrie-just-Dorrie, Electric Gary and special guest Chad wax on politics, then Electric Gary and Mrs. E tell the story of discovering E.G.'s previously unknown biological grandfather.


Episode 54: Dating tales

After a long hiatus, The Tangent Lounge is back! Mrs. E orients us to the location of the jejunum and Chad joins us to share tales from the dating world.


Episode 53: The Human Didgeridoo

A diverse set of topics in episode 53, including, but not limited to Salvador Dali, Gummo Marx, Chupacabra, Karen Finley, an attempt to get married at the Church of Elvis, Dorrie's new art and the human didgeridoo of Albany, Oregon.


Episode 52: The Public Service Announcement Episode

Gary advocates for preparing for the "big one", talks about re-homing his chickens and his attempts at rat eradication.


Episode 51: Menopap

Dorrie and Gary lament menopause and C-pap machines.


Episode 50: Dorrie & Yeshua Sitting in a Tree…

Holy cow, there are 50 of these?!? In our fiftieth episode, Dorrie learns who her future husband will be and gives a save the date to listeners.

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